Movies and cinemas are best to experience in solitude, and there are certain benefits to watching a movie. You may not know that movies are a crucial part of our culture for a long time through storytelling, theatres, narratives, and many more. However, watching movies can help you improve and lighten up your mood to a certain level. There are many telugu full movies for your entertainment. Moreover, due to the advancements in technology and the internet, it is even easier for us to watch movies and shows at the convenience of our homes. Aha is an OTT platform that provides numerous shows and movies of all time to watch online. Some of the recommendations for drama love stories are 96, Most eligible bachelor, and Ashoka vanamlo Arjuna kalyanam.

Telugu Movies

Stream romantic movies online on the Aha platform

1.      96

Aha is the best platform for Telugu audiences to stream various shows online that can help you continue enjoyment in your free time. 96 is one of the most romantic movies in south cinema in recent times. Furthermore, the story is about two former lovers of batch 1996 who meet after 22 years after their departure. Ram meets Janaki and the story of their sweet admiration blooms.

2.      Most eligible bachelor

The most eligible bachelor is the 2021 romance film directed by Bommarilu Bhaskar. This movie is a story about Harsha, an NRI who comes to India for marriage. However, as soon as he meets the first bride, he likes her and insists on marrying her only. But his mom insists on meeting more girls before deciding on marriage, later on, he meets Vibha under some circumstances, and after having a few conversations, he starts to realize that he wants to marry Vibha instead. The story revolves around this, and a few twists come along the way to disrupt their marriage.

3.      Ashoka vanamlo Arjuna kalyanam

The plot of Ashoka vanamlo Arjuna kalyanam is about two couples who are off to marriage, but due to the government imposing Lockdown, they postpone it. However, Arjun drops his number for Madhavi, and they start to chat with each other. Moreover, when Arjun tries to kiss Madhavi, he gets a slap instead due to some misunderstanding.

Do you think they will patch up? What was the misunderstanding? Is there something that is hidden? To know more about the movie, check out Aha, an OTT platform where you can find many Telugu love movies, and shows to enjoy through your boredom.

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